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God, From A Pagan Perspective

You don't hear about God too much in the Wiccan community nowadays...unless, that is, you're talking about someone else's religion. Not many Wiccans give more than perfunctory lip service to a God in their rituals, focusing more on a Goddess. But isn't your religion about balance?

Goddess worship isn't Wicca, it's Goddess worship. If you're not interested in a God at all, check out Dianic practices, or Gaia-ism. Wicca is founded on the idea that there is a God and a Goddess, and They are life.

So why is God so excluded?

Many people say that "God" has held the power long enough, and that it's the Goddess's time now. That's just monotheism, one of the most popular reasons to leave Christianity.

Others say that they don't feel any connection to a God...why are they with Wicca? Why not a Goddess worshiping faith?

I once jokingly told a Wiccan friend that they worship a Goddess as a balance to the Christians, Muslims and Jews worshipping a God...and that person not only thought I was serious, but told me that I had a profound insight to the "world-wide picture". Huh?

Just as you can't create life with only men, you can't create life with only women. Why should you expect your Goddess, who is a reflection of humanity, to have created life all by Herself? Many of your parables say that the God and the Goddess created all life, why do so many of you blithely ignore that?

And how in the world are you to have a fertility religion without a God? Hmmmm? Same-sex relationships are all fine and dandy, but they can't create life without someone of the opposite sex. And like I said earlier...the Gods are a reflection of us. That means, the Gods can't violate the laws of physics, right?

Humanity has had thousands of years practicing the "one or the other" mentality, isn't it time we choose both?

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