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My Sad and Pathetic Page

The purpose of this awful webpage is to try for a Suckie Award. You are warned.

Hi! Britney Spers is the kewlist persin! she is so kewl, dont u think? I luv the backstret Boys, to. i hate when people say britny is a ho, case she isn't. She a virgin, like she says. see!

Aol is the bomb! Its so easy to use and #1! I think the persin who made aol and windos is great. Who ever did it thank u! i woldn't be here if he didn't, so everyone say thnk u to that guy. ok?

I like the innernet. i've made freinds here in chat rooms and we can all talk about briney and nsinc without mean people saying bad thing about them. i think this one guy has a crush on me, case he all ways want to cyber. i don't know what it is. My freinds say dont do it, its bad but they wont tell me wat it is. Alot of people want to show each oher thier pictures i think its nice that 3everyone likes everyone else.

I saw a good movie yesterday. FinAL DESTANATION ITS A SCAREY MOVIe. i thot it was funny, everone was trying to keep alive and not die, even thogh death wanted them to? it was good.

(Ed. note- My Gods, you will never know how much this hurts. I don't know how long I can keep it up...)

neway,this teacher at shcool says i'm realy smart and shold write stuff so i can be a writer when i gro up. She says im a good story teller. i wanted to aske her more about it but she said she had a headach3e and i should ask latter. Im a sofmore this year, and i think pubic shcools are the bomb! I'm way bettor than the private shcool snobs. I think usa public schools are the best in the world! Go me!

So thios teacher says i should write down what im thinkingh about, al the time. She didnt tell me to put it on a website but i thot i would any way so all of u could see it?i think its a good idea and i hipe u do to.

So I was looking around the other day at other places on the innernet and i saw this one sight that said that there was no God and it made me mad. my yuth group said that i should talk to that persin who made that sight and tell him about god and how good god is to nece people, but i don't know how to talk to other people if there not in a chat room so i didnt. if you said there is not a God, then i hope you read this and find out htere is! if u dont think ther is god u will go to hell and u dont want to gothere its bad. god luvs u and u should want to not go to hell. so there!!!!!

(Ed. note- reason......can't

But Britney Spears rock! She so cool, i wish i was he4r and i wish justin likked me. that wold be so cool. one reson i like aol is case they always have her somwhere on thier websight and have the newest 411 abou5t her. i wish she woul;d be my freind that would be da bomb!

in my old school we had to use old computers that only has 3 or 4 colors on the screen. we could only play dum games on them like orgon trail. they were apple computers and i think they stole how there computers werked from the guy that did aol and windos, but aol looks better and i can do stuff othor than orgon tail. Wondos rocks!!!!!!

Take me home, please!