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Happy Armistice Day!

I know I said I'd have new stuff up soon...

But I can't believe how busy I've been. The kid isn't even here yet, and I'm rushing around trying to get ready for him. And I'm so sleepy! I haven't slept this much since puberty.

Kiddo will be born in about three more weeks, so I won't be starting any projects soon. I have all sorts of wonderful ideas, but... we all know it won't happen. Newborn = total flake on everything else.

Goodness it's been awhile. We've moved to California, I'm very pregnant, and I've been writing bunches of stuff. Expect those articles on ghost hunting in the next few days, as well as a new section on herbs and some pages on homemaking within a tight budget. Also new recipies coming out every week or so.

The Abbott Mansion is ruined, completely gutted by the fire.

Fire at the Abbott Mansion, details added soon.

Updated the Abbott Mansion page, added some pages on photography for the amatuer, and a little rant about Harry Potter.

I'm having a nasty bout of Carpal Tunnel, and am still in recovery from wrist surgery. Typing with two fingers takes *forever*, and my husband won't take dictation for very long. Meanie! What's more important than adding to my vanity site? Hmmm?

I've added a few things to the recipe box, most notably a sushi 101. I'm thinking about taking pictures to help with the instructions, maybe even a short video. As soon as my hands work properly, I'll see what I can do.

I really have been updating, I just haven't announced them on the splash page. Oops. So, new pages, updated old pages, reworked the Abbott Mansion page (which seems to be the most popular subject) and whined a little about the flood of e-mail asking about A. Crowley.

I have a guestbook! Please sign and let me know someone has seen this desolate wasteland...

Update! 9/24/02
Yikes, it's been quite a while since I've added anything! No one reads this stuff, but I've got to keep my vanity site polished! Honestly, I forgot all about this place. I've been writing stuff, so there may be pages appearing over the next several days. Hopefully, I'll remember this is here. If anyone actually reads this, send me a note and let me know, even if it's to tell me this website is a piece of crap. Hmmm, maybe I should get a guestbook...

This is my spot on the internet to ramble meaninglessly, crack stupid jokes, and hopefully entertain and/or enlighten anyone who stumbles in. The pages you'll find here touch on many different subjects, depending on what catches my fancy. I pick topics like a magpie picks shiny things, turn them over a bit in the rock tumbler of my brain, then write them out for you to see in all their glory. Or something.

Everything here comes fresh from my Pagan perspective, and if you don't like it....bwahaha! You can't stop me! I am the walrus! I am invincible! I about that.

For those of you who found my page while searching for the basics of Wicca, Pagansim, Witchcraft, etc., please visit
The Witches Voice
The Church of Universal Ecclectic Wicca
Ár nDraíocht Féin (A Neo-Pagan website)
for an overview.

For everyone else...hi! Welcome to my....oh, did that already. Ummm.

To see the rest of my website, please go to:
The Index.

Feedback is appreciated, and I'm always willing to share my opinions. Loudly. Often. For any reason.

Nearly all of the content of this website is my creation, the pieces that belong to others are marked, even when the author is unknown. If you see anything that belongs to you, please let me know and I'll either add your name, or take it down as you like.

All crappy graphics are mine, the pictures that don't suck belong to someone else. The artist's name is marked. If by some twisted miracle you want to use one of my graphics, go ahead! Just let me know where you're putting them. If you want to use one of the good graphics, please ask the original artist, not me. Thank you!

Guess what? I got an award! Not the Sucky I was going for, but still pretty darn nifty!